Secure Email Tests

Other Client/Server Services Tests

Basic Receiver (Address) Test Run It

Checks that you (i.e. your address) or your trading partner (i.e. a customer's address) can receive secure email.
Exposes the inner workings of the server (SMTP commands, SSL negotiation, and Certificate data and signage).
Displays our "CheckTLS Confidence Factor", a zero to 100 ranking of the security of that address.

Basic Sender Test Run It

Checks that you can send secure email.
Exposes the inner workings of the secure email transaction (SMTP commands and SSL negotiation).
The link below gives you a one-use code. Email that code to our test address and it will test your email sender as the email comes in.
Results are emailed back to you.

Require Certain Partners To Use Secure (TLS) Email

Internet mail is designed to "get the mail through if at all possible". It will, by default, quietly send mail insecurely if it cannot send it securely.
This may be against company policy, if not against the law.
If TLS is off or not working, email should bounce.

TestReceiverAssureTLS Run It

Checks that email sent to a specific address has to go out securely.
Tries to trick the receiver into taking the email without using TLS, and if the email gets through, the test fails.
Test parameters, operation, and results are similar to Basic Receiver Test above.

TestSenderAssureTLS Run It

Checks that email sent from a specific address has to come in securely.
Tries to trick the sender into sending the email without using TLS, and if the email gets through, the test fails.
Test parameters, operation, and results are similar to Basic Sender Test above.

Test Custom/Private Hosts, Ports, Authentication Run It

Test servers before they are put in production, or servers that listen on special ports or require authorization.

Target hosts by DNS name or IP address at any (i.e. non SMTP:25) ports.
Test non-MX hosts as if they were MXes (i.e. accept foreign email as local).
Test server authentication.

Test Many Addresses At Once (BatchTest)

Save time when testing more than a few email addresses. Run lists of Receiver, Custom, or Sender tests at once.

Receiver Run It

Tests a list of email addresses from either a file upload or copy and paste. Returns all the results at once in a single email.

Custom/Private Receiver

Tests lists of Custom or Private servers also.
Complex targets are described in an XML file created from either your database or an Excel template we provide.


Runs many Sender tests, at once or periodically from your systems.
A multi-use code saves getting a new code from the website for each test.

Test Email Systems End to End (In, Thru, Out) (TestThru)

Tests both Receiver and Sender and the stuff in between with a real email by watching it go into and out of your system.

This is a special "batch only" test; there is no interactive web version. And it does require a forwarding rule on your end -- please see the instructions.

Run Tests Automatically On A Schedule

Save lists of targets and run them on a schedule ranging from monthly to hourly.
Tune the test to only send results when certain conditions are met: See everything all the time, or only what's wrong when it's wrong, or any combination in between.

Monitor Test Results With Your Own Monitoring and Notification System Demo It

Integrate Automatic Tests with your monitoring and notification system.
Fetch BatchTest results from our web service, then use your notifications and processes.
It's like you own our tools!
See how easy it is to setup


"I just want to know 'yes' or 'no': will TLS work for this email address?" No one can answer that question. There are just too many pieces and parts to a decent email system. That's why our Receiver Test outputs a "Confidence Factor" rather than a "yes" or "no".

Just because a secure email system tested OK a minute ago, or the previous email went securely, doesn't mean some hidden cert didn't just expire, and some email is now falling back to insecure mode. Maybe not all email, but just a few that are routing through the weak link. And you may not find out about it for a long time.

The only way to guarantee that a particular email goes securely is to watch it. And that's what our flagship product, ForceTLS, does. It puts all the power of all our tests onto each and every email you send securely. Bottom line: that email either goes securely or it doesn't go. Guaranteed. And if it doesn't go, it tells you right away.

Watch a Client and Server Interact

Debug Client/Server communications.
Insert it between a Client and a Server and listen in as the two communicate.
Can take the place of expensive and hard to use network sniffer hardware.

Test IP Services Run It

Command line telnet can control many Internet Services such as SMTP, POP, IMAP. TestService makes this much easier by providing the right commands in the right order, letting you edit them with things like your userid and password, and scripting them so you can run your test over and over without re-typing.

TestService works with SSL/TLS too, so you can use the same telnet-like interface to control and see secure (encrypted) connections as well.