GenCert generates custom Certificate Signing Requests, PKI Key Pairs, and self-signed SSL Certificates.

How to run it

A CSR is your "input" to an SSL Certificate. See the above references for more information.

Use the two-letter code without punctuation for country, for example: US or CA
Spell out the state completely, do not abbreviate it, for example: California or British Columbia
Spell out the city or other locality where your company is headquartered, do not abbreviate it, for example: Cincinnati (not Cinti)
Use your company name with no special characters, for example "AT&T" is either "ATT" or "AT and T"
Common Name: The fully qualified host name, for example
Alt Names
To create a Wildcard Certificate, enter one or more domain names or domain name patterns.
How many days until the Certificate expires

What it does

GenCert creates and shows:

Private Key
A new 2048 bit RSA key in PEM (DER base 64 encoded with additional header and footer lines) format.
A self-signed Certificate in PEM format.
A PKCS#10 CSR in PEM format.
Public Key
The public key that goes with the private key.
Cert Details
The contents of the Certificate.
CSR Details
The contents of the CSR.

Input Fields
GenCert parameter entry