CheckTLS accepts corporate Purchase Orders for annual Subscriptions. The information on this screen will generate an "instant" Quote for you to download or print.

The fields we need to quote and create your account:

Choose your Subscription level
Enter your company name
Customer Code
A Shared Customer Code that all your Subscriptions (users) share so everyone can work on Batch Tests. See CUSTOMER Code and Password for more information.
Customer Password
Your company-wide password.
The name of the person responsibile for payment
Your company address (technical division)
Choose your your login for CheckTLS. We recommend a role mailbox or the company email address of the person responsible for CheckTLS.
Choose a password for login to CheckTLS. Because we do not keep credit card info, you do not need a super-secure password.
Your Name
Your name (technical contact)
Your (technical contact) email address

When you click Generate Quote, we will generate a quote in PDF format for you to download and email or print and forward to your accounting department. Please include the Quote Number from the PDF on your Purchase Order.

As soon as we receive your Purchase Order, we will create your account as email you confirmation and your invoice. Your account will stay active as long as payment is received in a reasonable time.

Input Fields
SubscriptionQuote parameter entry
  1. e.g. "MyCompany Inc."

  2. e.g. "MyCompanyCode" (see Customer Code)

  3. e.g. "MyCompanyPass"

  4. technical contact's name

  5. Below will be your account information

    Please use your email address

  6. Leave blank to use UserCode