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Subscription Levels

CheckTLS offers three levels of access to our site: Visitor, Professional, and Corporate. All subscriptions have a money back guarantee: if you are not satisfied we will refund your money. CheckTLS Signup
(Corporate Subscribers see your CustomerCode and CustomerPass HERE).

lets you try CheckTLS.
  • Our mission is to make secure email better.
  • Try our two most popular test types //email/testTo: and //email/testFrom:.
  • Cost: none, no signup or login required!
  • Anyone using CheckTLS for their company or organization or as part of their job is required to purchase a Subscription. Subscriptions cost less than the value of your time spent using the site, and they cover 97% of the cost to run the site.
offers all of the above and:
offers all of the above and:
  • Access to all test types
  • Have more than one Batch and store them on our system
  • Run a saved Batch on demand
  • Schedule Batches to run automatically
  • FailSafe Monitoring, lets you know if CheckTLS or your test has a problem
  • Web Service API : Integrate our tools into your systems and operations. Rather than develop and maintain your own tests, scripts, and processes, use ours.
  • Multiple logins to CheckTLS so other people can verify email addresses, maintain batch test lists, or monitor a system.
  • Company Code/Pass so multiple users can work together on Batch Tests and Web Services.
  • Site license by IP address, no UserCode/Password needed
  • Cost: $25/mo or $250/yr

Payment Options

Change Subscription Level

Because we do not control your PayPal account, the only way to change a CheckTLS subscription is to cancel your existing subscription and signup for a new one. We cannot adjust the timing of your PayPal subscription payments, but we will adjust your subscription expire date to make sure you get everything you pay for.

Users who upgrade can receive the upgrade for the remainder of their current subscription and only start paying the higher fee when their current subscription expires.

If you have more than a month left on your old subscription and would like a credit, please use the /company/contactus menu choice above to contact us.

Show / Change / Add / Delete Subscriptions and Users

You can show and change most things about your subscription with Subscription Edit:

User Code
What you use to login to CheckTLS.
What you use to authenticate to CheckTLS.
Your Name
Your Name in case we need to contact you.
Preferred eMail
This can be your User Code, but it is good to have a second address on file. For corporate accounts this should be the person in charge of the account.
//email/testFrom: Passcode
A benefit of being a subscriber is this unlimited passcode so you do not have to visit the //email/testFrom: webpage to setup a new test each time.

Shared Customer Information

Corporate Level subscribers can also change most company-wide things as well:

Add/Remove Users
Maintain the list of Subscribers on your account. All subscribers are equal, and we allow you to use the same User/Pass for several people. Having multiple Subscriptions does help us help you track down problems.
Customer User Code
This is mostly used with the CheckTLS API, for example when using Monitor.
Customer Password
What you use to authenticate to the CheckTLS API.
Customer Name
Your company or institution name.