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When you ask CheckTLS to email you results, we cannot force our email through your SPAM or other email protections.

If you are not receiving our emails and your domain does not appear in this list, your email system is probably just dropping suspected SPAM (most do). You or your IT department has to allow email from, typically in a whitelist.

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About Whitelists, Blacklists, and SPAM services

Major cloud email providers like Gmail or Office 365 let you add "" to your whitelist there, as do quality cloud email-filter providers like MX Guarddog, FortiGuard, MailGuard, SpamTitan, Baracuda Essentials, Sonicwall Hosted, etc.

If you use a DNSBL or RBL to protect against spam, and they are listing, please contact them and let them know that CheckTLS NEVER SENDS UNSOLICITED EMAIL and that CheckTLS CAN NOT BE USED TO SEND SPAM. If they do not care that we help PREVENT SPAM and won't white list us, you should switch to a more reputable service.

Briefly, these services have honeypots that capture spammers. They do not care that legitimate organizations use CheckTLS to diagnose when they come across one of these servers. Testing a honeypot with CheckTLS causes CheckTLS to get blacklisted (even though the test DOES NOT SEND AN EMAIL: it just probes the honeypot), so CheckTLS is constantly listed and users such as you are blocked from using many of our services.