Input Fields
TestReceiverAssureTLS parameter entry
  1. - + (less/more output)
More Options
  1.   (subscribers can run tests faster)
  2.   (less accurate Confidence Factor)
  3.   (see rfc-2818 section 3.1 paragraph 4)
  4. (seconds)
  5. (number or percent)
  6. (number or percent)
  7. (number or percent)
  8. (seconds)
  9. (seconds)
  10.   (only used with XML Output Formats)

The following options are restricted. You can only use them on your own domain(s) and only on email systems that you directly control and that will not view CheckTLS as a threat. You may not use them on other domains, including your clients, vendors, or affiliates. Improper use will harm and we will block your access and cancel your subscription without refund.

These options are not useful for testing the security of an email server. They do not affect the Confidence Factor and have no bearing on the security of emails.

See what else you can test.

Test Results

Test results will show here when a test is run.