Get TestSender Results


See TestSender for more information.

GetTSResults is both an interactive webpage and a web service that allows you to retrieve //email/testFrom: ("TestSender") results that have been saved on our website (rather than emailed back to you).

GetTSResults only works with a Corporate Subscription

How to run it

Run intereactively, GetTSResults lists all the //email/testFrom: ("TestSender") results that have been saved on our website and lets you pick one to view the test results.

Run as a webservice, GetTSResults lets you select and download one result. You select the result by giving the webservice a unique string to find in the result. GetTSResults finds and downloads the matching result. It is up to you to embed the unique string in a test result: we suggest adding something to the Subject of the sent email, for example: Subject: (ts_passcode) my test on March 15 You would retrieve this result using

Input Fields

You need to have a Corporate Subscription on this site to use this tool.