EmailSentry™ Installation Instructions

  • Exit Outlook.
  • Download setup.exe from the Installation LINK provided by your IT department
  • If you are using Microsoft Edge browser:
    1. If it says "setup.exe was blocked because it could harm your device,"
      Edge blocked setup.exe
      Edge blocked setup.exe
    2. click the See More (if there) then the three dots, then click Keep.
    3. If it says "This app might harm your device",
      Edge setup.exe might harm
    4. click "show more" above the Delete button, then click "Keep anyway".
      Edge setup.exe might harm
    5. On the Downloads screen, click the top setup.exe
      Edge downloads
      (click to enlarge)
  • If you are using Chrome browser:
    1. If you are asked "What do you want to do with setup.exe from", choose Run
    2. If setup.exe automatically downloads, when it finishes, click once on it at the bottom of your screen
  • If you get this popup click More Info at the end of the text.
    Windows protected your PC: More info
    (click to enlarge)
  • If you get this popup, be sure the Publisher is SecurEmail LLC and click the Run anway button.
    Windows protected your PC: Run anyway
    (click to enlarge)
  • Agree to any other terms or "Are you sure" questions

Configuration Instructions

The .msi file provided by your IT department should have configured EmailSentry for you. If it does not, when you try to send an email from Outlook you will get this popup:
EmailSentry Trial PopUp

If your IT department provided you with "Configuration Instructions" for EmailSentry, follow those. If they did not, you can manually configure EmailSentry, but you will need to get your EmailSentry "Company CODE" and "Company PASSWORD" from your IT department.

To manually configure EmailSentry:

  1. Start Outlook
  2. Send an email:
    1. To:
    2. Subject: CompanyPASSWORD
    3. Body: configure
    Config Email
    (click to enlarge)
  3. When you click Send, this email will trigger EmailSentry to configure itself for you.
    New Config File Saved


Troubleshooting information is available here.