See the Batch Testing for more information.

BatchUpload is a web service that updates Batches, runs Batches on-demand, or both. You should be familiar with Batch Testing and how to create and schedule Batches in Batch Edit before using BatchUpload web service.

BatchUpload only works with a Corporate Subscription

How to run it

BatchUpload is a web service that your computers use to talk to our computers. In production it is not run by a person from their browser. It is accessible here to help IT professionals create the correct URL (web service call) and do testing.

Customer User Code
Your company-wide Customer User Code and Password, not your Subscription User Code, i.e. not what you use to Login to CheckTLS. It is shared across all your Subscriptions (users) so anyone can work on a Batch.
Customer Password
Your company-wide password.
Batch Id
The Batch you want to replace, or "new" to create a new saved Batch. Batch Ids are listed on the Batch Edit main page. If you enter "new" and move to the next field, some more fields needed to create a new Batch will open up at the bottom of this screen.
Run Now
Set to Y to immediately run the Batch, or N to just replace it with this update.

You can only use one of the next two inputs. If you use both, XML File will take precidence and over-write XML.

XML File
This is a standard file-upload field that lets you send a file from your PC to us. The file you send should be a valid Batch XML Input File.
Or you can copy/paste a valid Batch XML Input File into this field.

If this is a new Batch, the Scheduling Fields from BatchEdit can be entered here. See the instructions on the Edit tab of BatchEdit for information about these fields.

What it does

If you enter "new" in the Batch Id and send a valid Batch XML Input File, BatchUpload will create a new stored Batch in your Customer account.

If you enter an existing Batch Id and send a valid Batch XML Input File, BatchUpload will replace the XML, effectively re-creating the Batch, in your Customer account.

If your enter a Y in Run Now, the selected Batch (or the new one) will be started immediately.

BatchUpload returns an error if you send "new" without any XML, or if you send a Run Now without a valid Batch Id or "new" XML.

What it shows

As BatchUpload is a web service, it outputs an XML document:


If there is an <Errors> branch with one or more <Error> leaves, the Batch was not created or not run. If there are no Errors, a <Success> leaf shows what the web service did.

Possible [error]s are:
ERROR: (text)

Any [error] that starts with "ERROR:" indicates an internal CheckTLS program or database error. Please use Contact Us to let us know the error and as much as you can about what you doing at the time. Thank you!

Invalid UserCode or Password

The Customer User Code or Customer Password was invalid. Note this is your CUSTOMER User Code and Password, not the User Code and Password you use to login to CheckTLS.

XML does not validate

See the information on the Validate tab of BatchEdit for information about this error.

Invalid or no XML send for "new" Batch

You sent "new" for the Batch Id but did not include any XML in either of the two XML fields.

Invalid Batch Id

You sent instructions to either update or run (or both) a Batch but the Batch Id you sent was not found.

Nothing To Do

You sent no new XML and no Batch Id to run.

Possible [output]s are:
Batch #999 Updated

The Batch's XML was replaced, effectively recreating it.

Batch #999 Created

A new Batch with number 999 was saved.

Batch #999 Started

Batch with id 999 was started.

Input Fields
BatchUpload parameter entry
  1. "new" (without quotes) to create new test

  2. warning: XML File (above) over-writes anything in XML (below)
  3. these fields only valid when creating a new test