Subscriptions offers three levels of access to our site: Individual, Professional, and Corporate. All subscriptions have a money back guarantee: if you are not satisfied we will refund your money. Payments may be made through PayPal and do not require a PayPal account.

Our mission is to make secure email better: used correctly, in more places, more reliably. We make our two most popular test tools available on the Internet at no charge. Any Individual is free to use them as much as they want.

Time is money. Professionals working on email systems need to run more than just a few tests, and to test deeper into things. We give them access to all of our tests and run every test much faster.

Corporations need to incorporate email security into their daily operations. We let them seamlessly integrate our tools into their existing systems. Rather than develop and maintain tests, scripts, and processes, they use ours as if they were their own. And we give their employees the tools and access they need to do security functions.

Subscription Levels

  • Individual
    • Test basic secure email operation for your servers and for domains to which you send email.
    • Includes our most popular: TestReceiver, and its companion: TestSender.
    • All tests at this level are run sequentially in a queue to control use of servers and bandwidth.
    • Cost: free
  • Professional
    • Faster, more convenient, and more capable testing.
    • Your own test queue so your tests run immediately.
    • Upload multiple addresses and test them all at once with Batch Test.
    • Save and run multiple Sender tests with your own unlimited use TestSender pass-code.
    • Test an email system "End To End" using both TestReceiver and TestSender at once. See Thru Test on the Batch Test page.
    • Test email systems that "Require TLS" for certain trading partners. See Certain Domains Must Use TLS.
    • Test custom/private email systems that are hidden from the Internet, and/or run on non-standard TCP ports, and/or require authentication. See Full Parameters on the TestReceiver page.
    • Cost: $10/mo or $100/yr
  • Corporate
    • Daily operations integrated with your people and systems.
    • Multiple logins to so other people can verify email addresses, maintain batch test lists, or monitor a system.
    • Schedule Batch Tests to run automatically at intervals ranging from monthly to hourly. Since Batch Test can only notify you on errors, this lets you effectively monitor your systems.
    • Makes Batch Test results available as a web service easily interfaced with your monitoring/notification system. You can open tickets and use your normal troubleshooting, escalation procedures, and problem tracking.
    • Cost: $25/mo or $250/yr
  • ForceTLS
    • Complete, real-time security verification of every email as it is sent.

Subscription Payments and Security

Our focus is email security. It is not security for credit card and bank account information. We leave that to PayPal.

Company purchasing departments can work directly with our billing department.

Purchasing a Subscription with a Company Purchase Order Get A Quote.

Use the button above to receive a quote from SecureEmail, LLC for a one year Corporate Level subscription to Upon receipt of a company Purchase Order referencing this Quote, will setup your subscription and send an invoice. As long as payment is received in a timely manner, the subscription will remain valid.

Please send the Purchase Order and all billing questions and inquiries to billing(at)

Signing Up for a Subscription with PayPal Subscribe.

Signing up for a subscription on is a two-step process.

First we ask for the UserCode and Password you would like to use to access CheckTLS. Since this is only protecting your ability to run tests and does not protect your payment info, we suggest using your most common email address as your UserCode and something you won't forget for the password. We also ask for your name and another email address.

Second, we let you choose your Subscription Level and transfer you to PayPal to complete the financial part of the transaction. When you finish with PayPal, you will be returned to our site where you can login with your new UserCode and immediately access all the privileges that go with it.

Cancelling a PayPal Subscription Unsubscribe.

There are two ways to cancel your subscription to One, you can cancel directly from our site in one easy step. We verify you really want to cancel, update our records, and then pass you to PayPal to cancel your payment.

You can also cancel at any time by going directly to PayPal. Login to your PayPal account, choose your CheckTLS payment, and cancel it. Since we do not have your payment information, we cannot charge you once you tell PayPal to stop.

Changing a PayPal Subscription

Because we use PayPal to protect our subscriber's payment information, changing your subscription on is a manual process.

To change your subscription, either in level (Professional, Corporate) or period (monthly, yearly), first cancel your existing subscription, then re-subscribe at the new level. If you have more than a month left on your old subscription, contact us at subscriptions(at), and we will issue a credit via PayPal to your account or credit card.

Or you can request your credit first, before you re-subscribe. Cancel your subscription and email us, wait for the credit to appear, and then re-subscribe at the new level. This will result in an interruption in your service.